Headphones and Internal Speakers output audio in the same time

I have a HP Sleekbook 15-b003ee (Proudct number : C6K59EA )

The main problem is this :
whenever i plug in the headphones it doesn't mute the internal speakers i hear sound from both the internal speakers and the headphones

I tried this solutions :
- Windows Recovery -- didn't work
- Full system recovery -- didn't work
- BIOS Update - currently on Version:F.18
- Audio Driver update currently on Version:6.10.6433
- Tried different headphones

I did a system full recovery and then updated the sound driver then updated the BIOS to the latest version
The problem is the same and it's really annoying I don't know what solutions else should i try
The problem occurred before and a system recovery made it go away but out of the sudden it happened again so i did the recovery and nothing changed
I found 2 new drivers 6.10.6448 and 6.10.6454 updated with both and tried but still the same problem
I am starting to think its a 3.5mm socket problem but it gives out audio when anything is plugged in so i guess in someway it works !
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  1. I gave up and return the PC to HP repair center it turned out to be a hardware problem and they said they would replace the motherboard or something of sort i didn't get much details over the phone but in the end its a hardware problem :(
  2. Wow. Well, it may have been whatever signal is suppose to trip the speakers so that sound defaults to the jack may have been faulty, but that doesn't seem to warrant replacing the whole board... Anyway, I'm glad they took care of you. :)
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