A Roundup of the GeForce GTX 780 Releases & Variants

Nvidia's new flagship graphics card, the GTX 780, is available from a wide range of manufacturers, most of which have made no changes to the reference design.

A Roundup of the GeForce GTX 780 Releases & Variants : Read more
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  1. EVGA is really planning on selling a lot of these cards apparently.
  2. i find it comical, to say the least
  3. That's a nice looking reference cooler.
  4. Be nice to see the differences in VRM designs as ya did with ya 560 Ti roundup
  5. So I didn't upgrade from my 3slot asus 580 to the 680 because I figured I would get a 780 instead... So now my choice is to buy a 680 that's called a "770"? or pay $650??? Or wait another year? Stupid move nvidia. Stupid.
  6. Sapphire 780 :P
  7. greghome said: Sapphire 780 :P

    I believe Sapphire is AMD only.
  8. Do motherboard manufacturers take dual-slot or tri-slot GPUs in mind and move other slots down so they aren't wasted.??
  9. I like the inno3d's Ichill.
  10. Little shocked at the number of variants EVGA launched. I wish they had a standard, overclocked model, and a 6GB variant for the SLI people.
  11. Inno3D iChill GTX 780 - TITAN KILLER. How would have ever thought that the Titian's own little brother would wield a scythe with his name on it....
  12. I hope Asus comes with something awesome as well
  13. I wished EVGA wouldn't make so much different cards. Seriously, all they really need is Stock, Aftermarket cooler, then OCed Aftermarket cooler. The only things different from each one is the power phases and for their Classified one, it has a 2x8pin.
  14. Asus must come with its DCUII highly OCd
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