Help! New graphics card only performing 7 fps on flight sim X

Hi, I have an i7-3770 with 32 Gb ram, 120gb ssd for windows and flight sim X on one of two WD black 2tb drives and an asus hd7950 3gb video card, but am only getting 6-7fps even with some of the graphics turned down. I am only running one monitor but want to run 3 off the same card, but it does not seem to handle just one monitor. I have all the card settings at maximum!

Sadly I have an Athlon purchased in 1995 with an asus 256mb video card that will run it at 5 fps across 2 screens...

Do I need a different card - the shop and forums advised this card was pretty good bang for buck!

Any help much appreciated!
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  1. Update your video driver first off.
  2. Something is massively holding that system back, that rig should make FSX fly...Pun intended, there'll probably be more.
    What was the previously installed card? If it was Nvidia it is vital to fully remove ALL Nvidia software from the system before installing the latest (13.4) WHQL AMD drivers.
    Also, check the GPU/CPU usage at idle, we're getting quite a few posts here where systems have been infected by Bitcoin mining malware.
  3. Its a brand new system, with brand new card.

    I know someone with a system that is a little bit slower and it makes FSX fly... really confused!!!!

    I am downloading latest drivers and see where I go from there... otherwise possibly a bad card??? all the benchmarks say the data transfer rates and cpu are right up there... and most tests give the video card a good rap, but have found two now that say there may be a fault/issue with the card... anyone know of any good diagnostics to properly confirm a faulty card... it works fine, but resets itself while windows is running about every 10 mins or so causing the screen to blank for about 15 seconds! Do I take it back to the retailer?
  4. Try Unigine heaven or valley benchmark and post the FPS and score.
  5. ok so downloaded latest bios and VGA drivers and also tweak utility. Got good benchmark tests on Futuremark 3DMark, however its still struggling to get 9 FPS in max settings in FSX. have turned down water, gone to bilinear processing, and reduced vegetation, cars, boats, other aircraft etc down to 60% and now getting above 20 FPS, but now as good as I would like! might have to get a second card and go SLI....
  6. AMD cards don't support SLI. Maybe you mean crossfire?
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