Installing the XFX R7970 black edition.

Ok guys. i recently got my item and i was hoping if anyone can help me install this. Well i went i head and placed it in and i wasnt sure if it was right but i plugged in 6pin to the 6ping connector and a 6+2 to the 8ping. ok so now its up and working but the REAL problem is my framrate didnt go up at all. infact, it went slower just a bit. I was playing dota2 and with low settings i had 40+ to 60+ framrate back in my previous GPU. now its worse. what has happened? did i do something wrong?its also heating up and its freaking me out cuz even though it has warranty, i dont want to waste anytime sending and replacing items back and forth. here is a photo of my stats.

please someone help me with this.
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  1. What on earth are those temperatures? 178C!
    More detailed specs are needed, particularly the CPU and power supply (Make, model or output on the +12 volt rail/s).
    I would say your biggest problem is the dual core CPU, i3 or not it's nowhere nearly fast enough to drive a 7970.
    What drivers are you using? AMD has made some significant improvements with the later releases.
  2. so from here. what should i do?
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