A newb need help with getting stuff to build a PC

Hi everyone,
As the title stated, I'm just a newb that want to have a good PC to do multi-tasks (gaming, videos, editting, photoshop and etc...) but i've never build one myself. I've read around and watched a few videos on how to build a PC and kind of getting the ideas of how to build one. I just don't know the right components to buy since different threads say different types. Currently, i'm using a Sony VAIO laptop with only 4gb RAM and 500GB HD but it's not enough since I like to download movies and stuff. So if anyone could, please help me with my wish.

Here's my wish list on the PC: My budget is $500-$1,200 (willing to pay a lil more if it satisfy my wish)

- Good performance on games like MMORPGs (i don't play FPS games much)
- Good/Better graphics for videos (anime is main concern on videos)
- 8GB - 16GB RAM (32GB for 4x slots in PC) if possible since i can't upgrade my RAM on my laptop unless i remove both built in.
- Look is also my concern since i don't like plain looking cases. (btw how do those PCs got light like normal light but its in blue color?)
- Hard Drive spaces at least 1TB but the more the better (the main part that i'm willing to pay more than average) since i like to keep my download files. Reason is because i bought a 1TB external HD but only used up to 100gb and 2-3 days later when i plugged it in, it just fried on me (doesn't load) so i lost all the video files in there.
- Software: how does this work if i'm building my own PC? do i have to buy a window 7 or 8 package for this? and what kind of softwares do i have to get to run the PC?

So please help me if you have any suggestions on what should i buy? where should i buy that is good and reliable? what the price range of those items?

Note: I was looking through CyberpowerPC and was going to order one from them but after reading the comments about them, it seems too fishy and it's a pain if the PC breaks down.

Last question: does building a pc really that simple like the youtube videos and other website tutorials say? because it is definately making me nervous just thinking about building one instead of buying them like i always did.

Thank you very much for your assistance!

PS: i already have 1680x1050 PC monitor but i'll buy new one if it's required for better.
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  1. something like this should be good for what you are doing. MMO gaming doesnt require very powerful video cards so the 7950 i provided should be enough

    there is a 128gb SSD in the build to speed things up as well. when building the rig, plug in only the SSD when installing windows. then later on, you can connect the hard drive and setup a partition for it for mass storage
  2. ^

    a 3570k does not compare to a i7 equivalent.
  3. Well xeon1230 v2 could fit good

    I5-3470 would be enough for him , also 8gb is enough
    He probably isnt doing heavy stuff...

    And since you dont play the most challenging games the "asus hd 7870" for 220$ is plenty.
  4. image editing and video editing are completely different things
  5. is it bad to have a more powerful processor since it might not compatible with the motherboard?
  6. since when was it uncompatable with the motherboard? since when did a more powerful chip of the same family suddenly too powerful for a motherboard?
  7. like i said im really new to this, i just wanted to know...
  8. my build should be good for you. if you want to spend a little more, select a e3 1230v2 instead of the 3470 and a set of mushkin redline 2x8gb kit of ram
  9. Thanks TheBigTroll. i'll start on gathering the parts but still opening for more suggestions. Also, what is the maximum of TB for a HD? because like i stated, i want more spaces to store my videos. does the amount of HD affects any other parts?
  10. the biggest drives are 4tb but i really wouldnt recommend it due to the cost
  11. so 2TB is good for now and i should be able to upgrade it once i get the money? Also, how do those custom computer has LED light thing? is it something i can add after i built the computer? or it can only be done during the process.
  12. you should probaby get the seagate 3tb model. should be enough for at least 600 movies

    if you want lights. they are avalaible. bottom of the page. i find them useless though. add them if you want
  13. what do you think of this list? http://pcpartpicker.com/p/102ad it cost a bit more but i'm willing to pay if its good.
  14. Why are you buying so much memory xD ahhaha
    2x4gb ram is plenty.
  15. i multi-task alot like video editting, photoshop, downloads, browsing. I'm the type of people that annoys when my pc running so dam slow when i do alot of things at once with 3 monitors.
  16. Then 2x8gb ram should be plenty for you
  17. NightX said:
    what do you think of this list? http://pcpartpicker.com/p/102ad it cost a bit more but i'm willing to pay if its good.

    -there isnt need for the CPU cooler. xeons run very cool on a very crappy stock heatsink.
    -32gb is overkill to the max. the 16gb kit is more than enough
    -the arc mdi r2 is 64.99. just a heads up. they are about the same except for the r4 having sound dampening
    -650w is overkill
  18. thanks for the info on that. so how about this? http://pcpartpicker.com/p/10843 i adjusted based on the list you gave and suggestions.
  19. you picked out the wrong kit

    also used a cheaper dvd drive. no need to spend double for nothing
  20. hm thanks alot for your help. i guess it was just my bad experiences with the LG brand lol =x. Thank you very much, i'll start working on this list.
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