Trying to build my first computer (ANY HELP WANTED)

Okay guys I am trying to build my first PC and I need help on if I have the right parts and whatnot. I believe I have everything and everything should be compatible but I wanted to get your guys help to be sure and maybe get some help. This is what I have found so far...


CPU w/Graphics Card:

Sound Card:

Hard Drive






DVD Drive:

Network Card:

These are all of the parts I believe I will need to make a pretty good computer for about $600 (Math May be wrong)

So any feedback will be greatly appreciated regarding if these parts will go together, if I have everything I will need, or any suggestions on any different items or places to get parts. I'm new to this but I love computers so I thought I'd try this out. Any help you can give will be awesome. Thank you and have a great day

Btw- I already have OS so that's why I didn't list it
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  1. Forgot to add that this will most likely be used for much gaming only like photoshop, some video capture, heavy browsing. Although that seems like not a lot for a powerful computer I occasionally try out programs on my current laptop that will not run nice because the laptop is low quality so I wanna have a big arsenal in this PC but without going bananas. I was wanting to keep my budget around 300-400 so any alternatives to lower my price above will be appreciated. Also need help for what Wifi adapter to use
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