Enermax Releases Five Fans With Adjustable Maximum Speed

Enermax has released some very interesting new case fans.

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  1. The only fans I buy are Delta Electronic Fans. I might consider an Enermax fan when it has more than 100 CFM. I like having control of the airflow to over 100CFM using a fan controller.
  2. I like the look of them, might be replacing my current LED fans with a few of these.
  3. I have a number of the Enermax fans in service, and they are all great fans. Love the detachable blades for cleaning and modding. I'll def be picking up a few of these, I highly recommend them
  4. Article tells you nothing of real importance about these fans. Terrible job. Whats the noise at the various maximums? whats the static pressures? For the prices of these fans you can pay a few more dollars and get top of the line noctua fans, a company that has expense in fans not because of lighting or aesthetic design but because of engineering the highest airflow with the lowest noise.
  5. I'm also an owner of it's T.B. silence fan..
    it's detachable blade works great when cleaning..
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