Replaced CPU thermal paste, higher heat continues

Hello Tom's hardware community, I have a question regarding the CPU heating up higher after I applied thermal paste.
I wanted to clear a lot of dust out of my computer, I accidentally removed the heat sink and fan off the CPU when I originally just wanted to remove the fan. Hear the noise as the heat sink and CPU separated and nearly browned my pants. Didn't use my PC too much for the next couple days and finally got a hold of some Silicone Base + heat sink compound.

I tried applying the compound by smearing a layer over the entire CPU and attaching the Heat sink, didn't lower the heat.

I removed the compound and cleaned the parts, tried to reapply the compound a 2nd time by using the drop of a pea / grain of rice and it's still not lowering the heat temperature.

When my PC was "dusty" on the inside it had an average of 40-48'ish C, I checked in the bios before I tried to do anything with it and it claimed 33C before it booted the operating system.

Now that I cleared the dust out and attempted to reapply thermal paste I get an average CPU temp of 45c - 55c which is much higher than I originally had while it was full of dust, currently the bios still says it runs the same 33C or so before it boots an operating system then while the OS is up and running I get about 50C on average for lowest temp and it runs on 55C often.

I have included a picture that shows the current heat levels and then another picture that shows my hardware in case that is required.

Thank you for your time, Jason.


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  1. Which compound specifically?
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