Is my system over heating?

My monitor suddenly goes "no signal" but my PC still running though i can't even shutdown it during the casing button. mouse and keyboard have no power too, just a running PC . I'm thinking that this is overheating but im not sure. It happens everyone. Can anyone enlighten me :)

Here's my HW monitoring
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  1. Those systin and auxtin temps are too high - your NB might be overheating.
  2. what is NB? and what should i do ?

    btw my latest HW monitoring
  3. NorthBridge is the chip under the big heatsink next to your CPU - if you have a small fan lying around, that's a good use.

    Dusting it is the other thing that could help, or reducing any OCs you have done to the FSB or DRAM.
  4. I did clean the dust, nothing helps, also I dont OC
    I tried resetting my CPU and video card, re-install windows, update drivers.
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