Need help choosing a new laptop for travel and home

Hi, I'm looking for a new laptop and I've not had the best luck choosing on my own in the past, hence the SOS. It will be my only pc on the road and at home. (I travel much of the time.)

1. Budget - $500-700

2. Screen size - 13-15 inch

3. Screen resolution - whatever is best for watching movies & tv online

4. Replacement laptop or desktop - Laptop

5. How much battery life - as much as possible, but I carry a charger.

6. Games - Not really. I don't think crossword puzzles and Candy Crush really count.

7. Other tasks - Watch movies & TV (streaming Netflix, HBO Go, SHO Anytime, Youtube, major networks on-line, etc...), music - stream, rip, burn, DVD's rip & burn, office - Excel, Word, Snag-it, etc...), web surf and photo editing ...would like to attach to my tv, but don't really know how yet.

8. Hardware storage - as much as I can get and I also have external storage

9. What sites willing to buy from - any reputable

10. How long to keep - would like to keep about 3 years if possible

11. Optical drive - CD/DVD rip/burner

12. Brands love/hate - I don't like Macs or Dell. My last 2 pc's have been Hp, but they have not held up well. Open to new suggestions.

13. Country - USA

14. Additional Info - Not deeply tech savvy, but not a total computer idiot either (almost, but not quite). Basically, I can google and usually find and follow instructions to fix many of my minor problems. And... I can break a laptop in many varied and unusual ways without a great deal of effort.

Thanks for any suggestions and help!
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  1. Hi Tom's Hardware,
    I received the following message from Forums@Tom's

    "Hey there leslwilliams!We've noticed that the question you asked at Tom's Hardware received a reply, but a Best Answer hasn't been selected yet. Was your issue resolved? If yes, please help show your gratitude to the user who helped out by setting their response as the Best Answer. This also helps people who have the very same issue you did find a solution to their problem.Here's the URL to your thread: your question wasn't solved, be sure to add as many details as you can to help our experts fix the problem with you. Thanks so much!~ The Tom's Hardware Community Team"

    And I would LOVE to show my gratitude, but I can't find any such response to my question. I have not received any notification or private message with a suggestion. If you could direct me to this response, I would be thrilled.

    Thank you,
  2. Hey man, I got an Acer Aspire E1-572 and it is a really nice laptop here are the specs. It Costs like 500-600 Euro`s

    Processor : Intel® Core™ i5-4200U
    Harde schijf: 500GB
    Werkgeheugen: 8 GB DDR3
    Beeldscherm: 15.6 inch
    Videokaart: Intel HD Graphics 4400
    Interfaces: HDMI, 3x USB, Bluetooth en VGA
    Besturingssysteem: Windows 8.1 64-bit

    Its not a big laptop so you can take it anywhere :p i recommend Optifine if you play mc you can get than like 120+ FPS and Battlefield runs good to. i hope this helped (Sorry for my bad English im Dutch)
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