GTX 570 GS 1.25GB (x2), Gigabyte z68ap-d3 mobo, Corsair TX 650 PSU, ASUS Axe Square for sale.

GTX 570 GS 1.25GB (x2), Gigabyte z68ap-d3 mobo, Corsair TX 650 PSU, ASUS Axe Square for sale.


I am looking to upgrade my system in the coming weeks/months and am getting rid of all my extra parts that resulted from the original build (and not planning ahead at the time like a goon!). Anyway I have boxed up the above mentioned components back into their original packaging (with accompanying paperwork, manuals screws etc) and would like to know if there is anyone interested in some (or all) of them.

The prices are as follows:

GTX 570 Golden sample 1.25 GB (Used - good condition, no past problems, in original packaging): £130 each

will come packaged as shown

Gigabyte z68ap-d3 Motherboard Rev 1.0 (in original box, only used once, includes all manuals and screws etc): £55

Will come well packaged, like so

Corsair TX 650 PSU enthusiast series. In original packaging only used once also. contains all relevant paperwork and screws: £55
(I'm aware that the image shows a TX 750 box - I replaced the 650 with a 750 a couple of days after I got two GPUs and could not find the 650 box sleeve).

ASUS axe square CPU cooling fan. Very good condition only used 2-3 times then replaced with Corsair H70. in original packaging with all relevant paperwork and screws - AMD mounting arm and Thermal paste not included!: £25


Will be Shipping from/to UK only. Although this can be negotiated via PM if exceptions need to be made

Payment through Paypal

Please get into contact with me if you are interested in any of the components - thanks for your time,

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  1. Try ebay sales of any kind do not belong in the forum
  2. spentshells said:
    Try ebay sales of any kind do not belong in the form

    why do sales not belong in the forum?

    they put it in the deals section

    isnt that what the deals section is for?
  3. I apologise if I acted contrary to any forum rules. Like Mcnumpty said, I thought this was a place I could do that..
  4. i have never used the deals section

    but it seems to be full of people selling stuff

    so i think you are ok

    maybe a moderator will clarify it for you when one reads your post
  5. Poof! A moderator has appeared!

    Yes, this is in the Deals section and is thus allowed. What sometimes happens is that these get started in another section, a poster warns the OP (Original Poster), and then we mods move the post to Deals.

    On the other hand:

    Please read the forum rules for classified ads
    and post the necessary picture. The description starts (read the whole thing)
    1. Personal photo of the item along with description. Photo must include ‘Tom’s Hardware, current date and your forum username.
    Thank you.

    Ads that have been warned and not updated may be deleted at any time that a moderator revisits this forum.
  6. Thanks for the Advice. Original post updated to include photos as per forum rules
  7. Remove the wrapping from the hardware
  8. They are wrapped in white foam underneath the bubblewrap. is this not sufficient to offset static buildup that may be cause by bubblewarp on the outside?
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