Are ASUS sabertooth and AMD FX-8350 compatible?

I Was just wondering if these two components are compatible. They look like they are, but im new to PC building and I want to double check before I buy the motherboard. Please answer this somewhat simple question!
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  1. There are many motherboards called Asus Sabertooth. You need to be more specific.

    If the board in question has an AM3+ socket and a 990FX chipset, then yes it is compatible.... so long as it has the right BIOS. If it is an older version with an older BIOS, it may not support it until the BIOS is updated.

    Updating the BIOS on a Sabertooth board does not require a working CPU to be in place.
  2. Motherboards with the 990FX , 990X and 970 chip sets are compatible with your processor
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