windows 7 doesnt shut down? hangs on black screen

i put this in windows forum but i thought i ask here too since this seems to be a more responsive community.
so i have a custom PC (first one i every built) and for some reason it wont shut down most of the time (occasionally it will) it will just go to a black screen and the PC will just still be running and never shut down (left it on for an hour to see if its just slow) and the thing is that technically the display is out putting something to the monitor because my monitor turns blue when there's no signal from my computer and when the computer hangs is shut down the display is black. im running windows 7 x64 ultimate (my school provided me with a downloadable copy).

so i've done a couple trouble shooting already. i've reset the bios settings. i've booted up having only the system necessary programs boot by disabling all the programs in msconfig but it still does the same thing. i've disconnected everything and just ran it off a keyboard and mouse and it still did that. my windows is all updated too the manufacturer of my Mother board seems to be no help to me because there only answer is for me to reinstall my OS which seems like a hassle. and that might not work according to them.

side note:also i dont know if this is relevant but i originally installed a windows 7 professional that had a key generator(i had a CD laying around that said windows 7 so i used it- didn't know it was a key gen). then a couple days after the problem started up to i used a official upgrade CD and upgraded to ultimate

it usually doesnt happen when i restart but it occasionally does. and its usally happens on shut downs.

also this want an issue when i first booted up my computer. the problem happened a day or two after it was set up.

my specs

Mother board: Asus m5a97 LE r2.0

processor: AMD Fx-8350 running stock with stock cooling fan

graphics card: Asus HD 7770 1gb

hard drive:Western digital WD5000AAKX

power supply cosair CX500

CD drive: Lite-ON dvd burner

RAM: 2X4gb Crucial Ballistixs DDR3- 1600 pc3-12800 1.5v CL9

generic card reader taken from old dekstop laying around(installed after problem started)

case: sentey abaddom II

please help me! i cringe everytime i have to hard shut off my computer by holding down the power button
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  1. nvm something was wrong with my power settings. microsoft people fixed it
  2. nyboy21 said:
    nvm something was wrong with my power settings. microsoft people fixed it

    So what settings did you adjust to get it working? I have a laptop and it's doing the same thing.
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