CPU cooling suggestions for P8Z77 i/deluxe wd

Hey alll.

I was wondering if anyone could suggest a CPU cooler for the P8Z77 i Deluxe WD mobo?

I have seen a lot of people recommend the hyper 212 (however i read somewhere that one would have to slightly mod this for it to work[something in regards to risers]) - I would like something that fits nicely without doing this preferred.

Also , the noctua n14 i have read about - but read on their website their may be some problems with some GPUs. Any suggestions would be awesome. Thanks :)
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  1. The hyper 212 will work, but you will have to orientate it facing up. The picture shows my hyper 212 evo in my mini-ITX build. While I have a slightly different motherboard, the concept is still the same. Depending on your case you can rework your fans to blow air across the hyper 212 heatsink.

    I think in regard to risers, you must install the RAM first, before added the Hyper 212, because it will prevent you form accessing the closest RAM slot to the CPU.


    The noctua n14 is huge, and will probable have more problems fitting in your case, then the smaller hyper 212.

    With that all said, the best solution is to get a Corsair H80, the CPU block is small and won't block anything, and the H80 will cool better.
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