Acer Working on Windows 8 Haswell-based Tablet

This sounds like a new version of the Acer Iconia W7.

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  1. super high res on such a small screen is a waste and will be no different than 1080 while using a bit more power it seems like a total waste but the haswell part sounds great.
  2. Spent, yeah, that's screen fetish in action. I swear, people will be clamoring for ultra HD smart watches soon enough, despite the resolution difference being invisible to the human eye.

    The tablet itself sounds nice. I'm using Acer's earlier foray into the Windows 8 tablet area and I am very happy with it... Though, a bit of the old Acer garbage-hardware curse still persists in the form of needing a firmware update on the wireless card to get it to hold a solid internet connection. After that it has been very handy though.
  3. I would have been much more surprised to learn that Acer was NOT working on a Haswell-based Windows 8 tablet...
  4. FYI, is a Greek website.
  5. The screen resolutions seems fine, the only 4GB of ram doesn't.
  6. Poor spec choices IMO. I would have gone with a lower resolution 1080p panel and 8GB RAM. In my experience, 4GB just doesn't cut it anymore and isn't future proof at all. I'm very interested in buying a Haswell tablet sometime in the next year, but 8GB is a requirement for me.
  7. 2560 x 1440 - 11.6-inch - facepalm. *(it seems without digitizer)
  8. THANK YOU! at the very least the tom's hardware commenters seem to have LOADS of sense!
    some dude was complaining at the 720p screen announced on the new galaxy s4 mini, and how it's completely outdated. i can't even tell the difference between 720p and 1080p on 5 inch screens!!! i'd very much be willing to settle for a 720p screen with superior battery!
  9. This will be another dud on arrival. We need at least 128gb for some Windows sofware such as Logos Bible Software with all my books, decent fonts for ereading software like Kindle, cool to the touch, lightweight machines with detachable keyboards not exposed ones that flip over foolishly. Thanks.
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