I'm looking for an Arma 2 server.

I just started playing Arma 2 and it's my first fps game on the pc. So it was kinda like a punch to the face. I have played it for a week now and even though im still stuggleing against the better players i LOVE this game. But i just can't find any other servers than Wasteland DayZ and a few takistan life servers The problem with these servers is that i really want to work with a team and pvp or even coop. Wasteland is just a bunch of team killing people who arent really into 'tactical' base defending attacking etc. I once found a server at night (1-2a.m) Called 7th calvalry and it was this big 30+ player coop server where you go and capture towns against AI. I had a blast! But i usually only play during daytime from 12 to 7 pm and i never found a server like that! I searched youtube and these were these players playing in massive pvp battles and clan battles etc. How can i get into these servers? I really want to get into this game.
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  1. Your best bet is to join a milsim group like the 15th MEU or Shack Tactical that plays the game as a team and runs objective and squad-based ops on a regular schedule.
  2. How do I get into a milsim group like that? id like to get into the biggest one. Why cant i just look at the server list? Is the milsim matches private, or do they have certain scheduels?
  3. If you are really interested in ARMA, you should check out www.aramholic.com. People post add-ons, mods, new maps, and more.

    Milsim groups also advertise in the forums:

    You will get a lot more information regarding ARMA topics there.
  4. @Mojoe134: My friend is a part of this group http://ix-taskforce.com/ but it's by no means the largest....you'll just have to look around....
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