Nvidia GTX 770 Benchmarks, Specifications Appear Online

A number of specifications and performance numbers have been leaked regarding the upcoming GTX 770 graphics card from Nvidia.

Nvidia GTX 770 Benchmarks, Specifications Appear Online : Read more
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  1. That't really great but looking at what the gtx 780 costs the gtx 770 will probably cost more than a 7970 so... meh.
  2. If you're a 670/680 owner i see no point of upgrading to 770. I'll pass that few +fps for 400 bucks.
  3. Well, I'm glad I held off for a few more hours to see at least some results before hitting the "checkout" button at newegg and getting the 780. Now I can get the 770 and a good creative sound card for even cheaper than the single 780. I plan only on 1080p gaming.
  4. Crysis 3 at 2560X1600 28fps 770 vs 28fps 7970GHz = 1% lead for the the 770 seems legit.. :)
  5. If this will be at $400 or less it would be a great value, but I highly doubt...
  6. Something seems fishy about these benchmarks when hopping on techpowerup the 780 is only 25% faster than the 7970 ghz edition.
  7. SA have the following results along with environment, scenario and settings information per test (though I presume at 1600p and not 1800p as stated):
    Driver versions aren't stated, and the settings do seem to vary quite a bit.
  8. Sorry, double post.
  9. Sorry, TRIPLE post. What is going on here? :/
  10. Yep, The 700 series is such a pass series
  11. is a nefarious Nvidia user zone, may as well be called Nvidia_R_us so obviously its vary incorrect.
  12. Please for the love of my sanity update the gallery option you have! I don't want to have to click twice, be removed from the article AND have a new window open just to view an image at a reasonable size!
  13. GTX600/HD7000 series is great for people who still runs GTX 400 series or HD5000 series. They get more than double the performance for the same pricepoint.

    700 series only gives an incremental almost not noticeable upgrade from 600/7000 serie users.
    By the time 600/7000 series is too slow for latest games, then the 700 series will then just be barely playable. No point upgrading from 600/7000 series.
  14. You guys need to make a habit of comparing past generation cards to current cards. The 7970 doesn't really count. I'd like to 670 vs 770, and 680 vs 780. I'm not sure why this is so difficult to achieve.
  15. I suppose we could look at a Toms "leak"... Or we could just read a full fledged official review, with actual benchmarks and data/pricing and be done with it...
  16. So this is basically Nvidia's GHz series...
  17. Awwww wrong again :D as before that place is
  18. Yeah never mind that your own site has full review of the card...
  19. I suppose we could look at a Toms "leak"... Or we could just read a full fledged official review, with actual benchmarks and data/pricing and be done with it...
  20. yes its a pass, i don't understand the $400 pricing when you can get a 680 or 7970 for about $370 for the same performance. pricing should have been $460 for the 780 and $340 for the 770, far far far far more of both cards would be sold, i would say probably triple.
  21. still keeping my GTX480 still not enticed enough.
  22. Common Toms Hardware!! what happened??!?!? to me this is like the #1 tech news/info/review site, but now you guys are back to posting bias posts. I'm sure you guys have the resources to bench your own gtx 770 and 7970ghz... Give us MORE Articles tested by Toms Hardware! not from a site that takes bribes... Toms you guys should be more like Top Gear, but in hardware :D
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