asrock x79 extreme 9 code 19 error

hi there, i have a as rock x79 extreme 9 and 24 gb of Kingston 2133 ram and Conair ssd 120 gb and Intel i7 cpu , gtx 570 card, it was working fine for an hour after a new system , but know i am getting an error code 19 on my motherboard i cant go to bios or boot up the comp it only runs but no screen please help
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  1. Hi, Try clearing the CMOS (unplug the power cord and remove the CMOS battery for few minutes). Start the board with only one RAM stick installed, onboard graphics (if present), DVD drive, keyboard and mouse.
    How did iit happen?
  2. Well i was installing everything, suddenly i couldn’t boot and i can’t go to bios. Everything is %100 installed correctly i don’t know what to do i just bought the ram cpu and motherboard, $700. I try the stuff you said but nothing , same crap black screen and number 19 lights up
  3. Try again with the board outside the case. Can you borrow a power supply and test? Or test yours in a different PC?
  4. nop i tried that and it doesn’t work still same error, but i tried the ram, graphic card . ssd on my other motherboard and it runs good no prob, this thing is giving me same error, black screen but comp is running and the number comes up on the motherboard 19. I tryed my other graphic card and it doesn’t work
  5. Try reseating the CPU, check the socket for bent pins. If still the same, I would RMA the board.
  6. i tryed that and nothing, i took the compback were i bought the motherboard , thay will call me thisafternoon, lets hope for the best
  7. After 6 hours they couldn’t fix the motherboard, it’s a serious error, so they gave me a new one and they installed it i was very happy, they also said that the Asrock guy come and he couldn’t fix it. He simply said “ Ii don’t know what’s going on” hahhahaha
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