Wikipad 7-inch Gaming Tablet Heads to FCC

Looks like the 7-inch Wikipad Android gaming tablet is almost here.

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  1. Another bomber
  2. This thing was somewhat exciting when it was first announced over a year ago. Since then, Nvidia has released Tegra 4 and Qualcomm has their new S4 lineup, both of which have much stronger GPUs. This is going to be a disappointing piece of hardware for those who buy it and expect a decent Android gaming experience. For the $249 this costs I would either buy a Nexus 7 and pocket the extra $50 or save up another $100 and buy a Nvidia Shield and have the option to stream games from my PC.
  3. This thing is still moving forward?
    In principle, it's a neat idea. In practice, it's a terrible idea.
  4. I was excited when this thing was going to be a glasses-free 3D tablet for 250$, but that didn't happen. It was also supposed to come out over a year ago.
  5. It's kind of hard to bill this as a gaming tablet with only 1gig of RAM and a Tegra 3. It's a cool concept, but if there isn't a hardware refresh in a couple of months with 2gigs of RAM and a better processor it's DOA.
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