7950 sapphire vapor x vs gigabyte windforce?

I am getting a 7950 for my new gaming pc. i was originally going to get the sapphire vapor x. I have seen other cards too and I was wondering if you could giveme some opinions
Sapphire vapor x £265
Gigabyte windforce £255
MSI twin frozr iii £253
Asus Direct CU II £275

Warranty is a factor. My budget is about £255 but I can push to £275 if its REALLY worth the money.

thanks very much
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  1. I'm currently trying to make the same decision, between the Sapphire and Gigabyte 7950 cards. I've heard/read that the Gigabyte runs cooler, but the Sapphire runs quieter. I'm currently leaning towards the Sapphire, as I prefer quiet over cool, but the Gigabyte is cheaper where I live, so that's a small consideration too. Anyone else have any experience with either card?
  2. +1 on the same position. What ive found worth noting so far is the bad vrm temps on the vapor-x (not sure if this is just after ocing tho?), the voltage lock on the gigabyte 7950 and poor build quality of the msi twin frozr III. Have you thought about the Sapphire 7950 dual X - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Sapphire-Graphics-Express-Display-Technology/dp/B00BBKO65S/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1369935172&sr=8-5&keywords=sapphire+7950

  3. Yeah I Have however for Overclocking it doesnt seem to be very good compared to the vapor x. Good to know that others are making the same decision :)
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