Using Silverstone ST50EF: Should I upgrade for better power efficiency?

Using the Silverstone ST50EF-Plus (short cable edition) and was wondering if I upgrade can I improve the power efficiency significantly? Can I improve this? Also, I was wondering if there are any other areas I might consider when upgrading the power supply except for total power availability as that is not important as I'm not running a high end video card.
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  1. Improve? Yes. Significantly? Maybe... You can absolutely go with a more efficient PSU with a Gold or Platinum unit, but it also needs to be sized appropriately. A power supply is most efficient at roughly 50% load so if you aren't using a big GPU, you are looking at anything from 350w to 500w. Depending on what your current configuration is, that Silverstone may be running fairly efficiently. Hands down, any highly rated Antec, Corsair, XFX or Seasonic PSU would be better choices, but whether it is a cost effective upgrade is really up to you and what you are after. Your Silverstone PSU is working today and you already paid for it...

    Seasonic Gold 450w =>
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