Need a cooling system which will fit on a HD 6850 Powercolor Graphics card

Basically mine is knackered so I need a new cooling system which will fit on my Radeon HD 6850 Powercolor graphics card. If you can find me any decent ones which will fit that would be great. Thanks a lot!

( I do not need extra cooling, My old cooling system which is originally attached to this graphics card is broken so have to buy a new one.)
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  1. You actually need extra cooling for that card? OC'ing?
  2. No my old cooling system broke, the fan blades broke off so am replacing the cooling.
  3. Couldn't you just as well get a newer, better card instead? I mean that card is old

    as it is. Surely there's not much sense in sinking more money into it? Well I hope it doesn't cost you too much.
  4. This graphics card is still £100 I'm not just getting rid of it...
  5. And I'm completely with you on that mate. 100£ is enough fish n chips for the both of us haha.

    I'd just be careful. If the card runs fine despite the breakage, I wouldn't sink more money into it

    if I were you.
  6. It was only the fan which snapped if you look at one of my first questions you can see the images. :)
  7. Actually I can't see any images, so that's why ^^.
  8. Images are in my other question not this one :)
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