What Gaming Laptops are best for around 1400$?


Please help me :D

I am open to any suggestions, but I need to keep it below 1500$ REALLY I need to stay 1400$ or below. As a gaming laptop I need it to be able to play all games at at least medium settings. (ram isnt too important as long as the laptop is under budget enough to buy ram, 50$ for 8gb is current price if you get a deal.

-Medium Setting All Games

-17.3" Display (if there is a kick-ass system for 15.6" I might get it)

-Backlit Keyboard (preferably customizable colors i.e. Steel series in MSI laptops)
-An Operating System

-Decent HD space 500- 1tb (hopefully 7200rpm but if its nice 5400rpm will do, I may add an ssd sometime in the future.



-Great lan connectivity

-High settings games ^^

-Under 9lbs

-Not more than 2.4" Tall

-Looks good ;)

Cant Have
-poop graphics
-250gb hd
-no video ports
-no poop

My best choices I have found so far include the GX70 3BE MSI gaming laptop

It has the a10 processor which I need your opinion on as to whether this will still support AT LEAST medium settings on every game, because it bottlenecks the awesome 8970m gpu (4200 estimated Benchmark Score with apu integration)

Nice lan awesome keyboard decent ram 750gb hd 7200rpm

Price? 1399.99$ but I think I can get for 1303.99$ if I preorder

My other choice I found is an MSI for about 1400$ With an i7 3630qm and a gtx 675m gpu (2400 Benchmark score)

Same other specs but a little more money for the i7

So is it really worth it to get the i7? I dont need an intel v.s. amd debate, but in all honesty will the a10 punch out enough processing power to allow the 8970m to perform decently, the lower price is very appealing and I dont need to due multi threaded tasks, just games really. Maybe some dreamweaver and website editing but nothing seriously intensive.

If there are any really good laptops that can punch out enough for a MINIMUM of 30fps on medium on any game (honestly a little higher is better for medium settings please :D) Please post, but I really want it to have a nice look and definitely a backlit keyboard, the color customizable ones look really cool.. :D


I currently have a desktop for games I made a year or so ago but I wont have the space going into college.

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  1. Your ideal gaming laptop has 15" 1920 x 1080p.

    8GB RAM.

    A 600 or 700M GPU.

    An i5 CPU.

    You could check out the Lenovo Y500. I believe it has SLI.
  2. Alright thanks :)

    Do you know if their SLI will be a power dump and/or a major heat producer?
  3. SLI generally requires more/a lot of power and produces more heat yes.
  4. Check out this thread seems perfect for you:

  5. The Y500 has a big vent on the bottom and each GPU has its own heatsink and fan. Battery life is 2 hours while gaming.

    I played MWOnline for 10 hours and heat was not an issue. (Plugged in of course)
  6. you can try MSI-GT70-2OC-065US:
    Screen Size - 17.3 inches
    Screen Resolution - 1920 x 1080
    Processor - 3.2 GHz Intel Core i7-4700MQ
    RAM - 8 GB DDR3
    Memory Speed - 1600 MHz
    Hard Drive - 1024 GB SATA
    Graphics Coprocessor NVIDIA Geforce GTX770M
    Hard Drive Rotational Speed - 5400 RPM

    but lenovo y500 is good too.
  7. I picked up an Asus G55. Love it.
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