Am I infected with System Doctor 2014 virus?

Hey Guys,

2014 is still to come but some virus named System Doctor 2014 is already on the roll. I guess I m hit with it. My PC appears to have come down with something nasty. It has hijacked “Microsoft Security Essentials” and claims that the Trojan was on the computer and I need to download “Windows Defender Online” in order to remove it from PC completely. I searched this thing over Internet and found it as legitimate software. But when I downloaded it, “System Doctor 2014” installed in my PC automatically and it displaying false instanced of malicious viruses such as ‘blaster worm’. I tried to open some .exe file but it refuses to open claiming that the file is malicious and its execution have been stopped. This program also prompts to “activate” it in order to cure the PC. I ran some of the renowned antivirus programs like ‘Malwarebytes’, ‘TDSSKiller’ but none of them detected anything. The svchost.exe process is also launching repeatedly, simply no clue what to do….

Please help me to resolve this issue, so that I can return to my PC with working and uninfected state. I would appreciate any help.

Thank you
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  1. Run through the malware guide in my signature.
  2. In order to remove System Doctor 2014 virus you first of all need to stop its process. The name of its process is a random name, so I can't tell you exactly how it is called. If you successfully stop the process of System Doctor 2014 virus, then you will be able to remove it with any security software you like or have installed already.
    You can stop the process of System Doctor virus using the utility called ruskill.exe. This is the program that helps stop the process of virus by window title. You may read more about how to download and use this utility here -
    And here is the video guide explaining how to use ruskill.exe application -
  3. Like system doctor 2013 various fake antivirus programs are there in the Internet. Like win32:Sirerfef You must have to install the best antivirus program.
  4. System Doctor is making the rounds these days, more than 20 PCs fix in just a few days. It's actually either the FBI virus or this crap these days. Most of the time these removal instructions should work:

    However, I also noticed that some users got really nasty TDL rootkits that even TDSSKiller can't detect. The only thing that worked for me was the Rootkit remover from BitDefender:

    So, if you can't remove the System Doctor malware, run the rootkit remover first.

  5. I have removed System Doctor 2014 by using this guide:
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