what gaming motherboard should I buy?

i willing to pay 350 for a board. please help
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  1. Which cpu do u have ?
  2. yogesh_gamer said:
    Which cpu do u have ?

    I prefer the i7 3770k ivy bridge
  3. Agreed, SR-71 Blackbird, you always have the best solution for a problem, from my thought
    Leon Lai you never have to spend z77 board for more than $300,
    Asus Maximus V Formula, better price/performance compare to best board Asus Maximus V Extreme($380), performance on both board almost identical, so choose the one that bang for buck.
    Sabertooth, however not as good as ROG board in performance but the heat dissipation efficiency much more better.

    SR-71 Blackbird, i would like to know is the Sabertooth board just part of marketing strategy or truly that good in temp,(I saw one website but i forgot where, the content say that Sabertooth TUF only heating the motherboard, also forget either X79 or Z77)
  4. I just put together a Sabertooth 990FX box 5 days ago with an FX8350 and the Phanteks PH-TC14PE. 4.7 ghz. easy with just a multiplier and small voltage increase.Temps low to mid 50's.

    I like the Sabertooth line.
  5. Thanks, SR-71 Blackbird, you just always have the best answer for every questions.
  6. Glad to help.
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