Dell XPS 420 Graphics Card upgrade?

Basically, i've had a Dell XPS 420 system sat in my room for a fair few months just not being used. The reason being that i only really browsed the web and used iTunes, which i could do on my laptop.

I was looking to upgrade the Graphics Card from the stock card a very bad ATI Radeon HD 3600 Series, so i would be able to play new games on medium to high settings settings. Titles such as mass effect 3, dead space 3 and Battlefield 3.

I had a look inside my PC yesterday to have a look at everything, and the graphics card was hard to remove. I didn't want to break anything, so i left it be, but there is what appears to be a small blue bit of plastic hooked over a notch on the card itself. Will this move with just a push and then i can remove the card? I've looked everywhere on the internet for help with this, because obviously, i can't upgrade my card if i can't remove the old one, but i can't find anything about it!

The specifications of my system are as follows:

Windows 7 professional 64bit

Intel Core 2 Duo E8300 @ 2.83GHz

8 Gb DDR2 ram

Dell Inc. 0TP406Dell (motherboard)

466GB Seagate

I was wondering what the best gpu was for UNDER £100, please give me the link and it has to be from amazon uk please.
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  1. Regarding power supply, you missed this, can you open side panel and check the wattage, and if your power supply is stronger than 400 watt, can you check and post power supply model number.
    So far, without even checking one cheap option is ATI HD 7750, the price starts at £75 for DDR5 1GB models, those cards will work for you with your power supply even if it us low wattage.

    So if you want stronger card, answer questions about your power supply.
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