Intel G2010 Vs Intel i3-540

Hi, is there any website where i can compare the performances of the above two CPUs? i am especially looking to compare the single core performance of the above two CPUs. I tried the website, but this site has not compared them properly or adequately and i am wondering whether there are any other similar web sites where i can compare their performance especially the single core performances? Intel G2010 is very new cpu (Jan 2013), and it has 22 nm technology but it has cpu speed of only 2.8 Ghz and also there are no hyperthread, whereas the i3-540 is 3 years old (Jan 2010) compared to the G2010 but it has more cpu speed of 3.06 Ghz and also it has hyperthread, so the confusion - one is 3 years old technology but it is an i3, it has more cpu speed and also has hyperthreading etc so i am wondering which one of the above two CPUs is better for single threaded performance? as far as the multithreaded performacne the i3-540 has hyperthread so it must be better for this purpose (I guess so), but i am not sure what happens when the single core performance is in question, whether the i3-540 beats the G2010 there as well or whether the G2010 can fight neck to neck with the i3-540 for single core activities like web browsing, youtube, microsoft word etc? any opinons? also any websites that check the single core performances of all the CPUs other than Thanks!
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  1. There isn't a lot in it. This is the i3 compared to a Sandybridge Pentium at 2.9GHZ. Considering Ivy Bridge wasn't a large leap in performance compared to Sandybridge this comparison should hopefully give a good estimate of the performance of the 2.8GHZ Ivy Bridge Pentium.

    The Pentium has better single threaded performance but the i3 typically better multithreaded performance. However with those single threaded activities you mention I doubt you will notice the difference between the two when in use. I'm running an old Phenom X3 at 2.2GHZ that does those activities absolutely fine.
  2. Thanks!
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