XFX Radeon 7850 2GB DD VS HIS Radeon 7850 2GB IceQx

I can't seem to find any direct comparisons between these two cards. What model would be better paired with an intel core i5 3570 or FX 6300? (still haven't decided on what cpu to get) also If there are any other models that you would like to recommend please go feel free to do so :)

PS. The XFX card is around 10-20$ more expensive in my country.
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  1. XFX Radeon HD 7850 is the better choice.
    They have overclocked the stock core clock from 860 MHz to 975 MHz and memory clock from 1200 MHz to 1250 MHz.
    That could result in some good fps increase. And to take care of the additional heat produced, they added additional cooler to it as well. :)

    On the other hand HIS gives you the card with stock clocks and a single cooler.

    The choice is yours, extra $10 is worth it.
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