zotac geforce gtx 650 or sapphire radeon hd 7750..which one from these 2 is good for a very low quality 450watts psu?

my rig is :-

intel e7500 2.93 ghz .

4gb ddr2 ram

intel dg41rq motherboard

supercomp sep 500 [450watts cheap quality psu with 12v-25a (maybe its more than actual) and 4pin pci-e power connector .]

i am in budget currently and not able to buy a new psu .i'm confused between these 2 cards .in theory a gtx requires only a 300watts power supply and radeon hd 7750 requires a 400watts but in practice ,both are opposite ...which one i should buy.

i know that these 2 cards will be bottlenecked by my current rig but i can only buy these 2 now cause i'm in budget and maybe i'll upgrade my rig after sometime so at that time these graphics card will help me .so please tell me which one is the good choice
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  1. First off, there is no 4 pin PCIe power connector. It would have to be 6 pin or 8 pin. And, I don't know what Nvidia card (GTX?) you are comparing with the HD 7750, but the latter is about the best you should go for with a low quality PSU. It gets all its power form the PCIe slot alone; no power cable req'd. The HD 7750 will demand 55W from the PSU when maxed out. That relates to 4.6A on the +12V rail.

    The HD 7750 is a pretty good gaming card up to 1600x900 resolution with medium settings in the most demanding games.
  2. what about power consumption of nvidia geforce gtx 650....
  3. I apologize for not seeing you stated the GTX 650 in your heading. I only read your post.
    The GTX 650 looks like this compared to the HD 7750: http://www.hwcompare.com/13468/geforce-gtx-650-vs-radeon-hd-7750/
    The 650 would be the faster of the cards, but would require a 6 pin PCIe power connector and a strong PSU. If yours only has a single 25W, +12V rail it is far from being a 'real' 450W PSU. It may hold if you don't tax the graphic card to heavily for too long. But if the PSU fails to provide the current or voltage when stressed, it could cause a shut down at best... or take out some other component when it fails catastrophically.
  4. so a sapphire radeon hd 7750 with my current rig will be a good choice for gaming at 720p (at low-medium settings) with most modern and upcoming games right ???
  5. hey i've heard about asus gtx 2gd5 (2gb gddr5 version of gtx 650) that it uses the famous asus unplugged technology and doesn't requires a pci-e power connector .so what should i do now ..?i believe sapphire more than asus and the sapphire has good after sales service in my country .i've heard many bad things about asus .what to do now ?
  6. If you are referring to this card
    It requires a six pin pwr cable like the rest. I can't recommend going with a more power demanding card without knowing the make/model/specs of your pus.
  7. is radeon hd 7750 is good for my rig with 720p gaming or not
  8. Yes, the hd 7750 should provide good frame rates and smooth game play with today's games using mid to high-ish settings on a 720p HDTV or monitor. On older or less graphically demanding games, you should be able to max out the settings. And your C2D processor should not have a bottle-neck effect of any consequence on it either.
  9. i've a vga monitor ....so i would use the dvi to vga adapter to connect it through graphics card but i just wanted to know that will my vga lcd monitor support high graphic quality games cause i've heard that vga port doesn't supports that kind of high quality graphics ...it seems a bit odd to me for asking it that will this vga lcd monitor support high graphic games like crysis 3 .sorry but i just want to clear all kind of doubts before buying a graphics card .so will this monitor support high graphic games ?
  10. Yes, it should be fine. An older CRT analog monitor might be problematic, but since you have a modern LCD flat screen, there should be no issue. The monitor is still a digital display. It is just using a signal that is converted at the PC into analog, then converted back to digital at the monitor. Those type of monitors with just a VGA D-Sub connector were mainly for PCs that had no digital output.
  11. +1 ^ lcd will have no issues
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