6950 upgrade to GTX 770 2GB for 1080p - worth it?


I currently have a 2GB HD 6950, for which i play mostly far cry 3 and assassins creed 3.

It seems ok to me, but i can never use AA or anything cool like that!

Considering the 6950 is 3 years old (almost), i wanted to upgrade to either a 7970 ghz or the GTX 770.

I am hoping for 1080 gaming with a steady 60fps... mostly for FPS games like FC3, BF3, etc.

Im not too fussed about Physx - Just want a nice gameplay with ultra settings.

Im using a 3570k cpu and 8gb ram - so i dont that will bottleneck anytime soon.

Basically, according to this: http://www.hwcompare.com/14682/geforce-gtx-770-vs-radeon-hd-6950-2gb/ im hoping for ~90% increase in performance.

Also, this may be a nooby question but will 2GB be enough for the next 2-3 years? I mean 4th gen consoles have ~8GB ram right, so do you think ported games 'may' require more than 2GB?

From what i can see, the 4GB card is only £50 more - which i am happy to pay aslong as it is going to be utilized at some point.

The 770 is approx £340 in UK for 2GB and ~£390 for the 4GB version.

Please let me know your views..

Thanks in advance

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  1. Get GTX 770.

    90% increase is a bit optimistic but you should see at least 30-40%. 2GB version will be enough for 1080p, even for 'next-gen' titles.
  2. thanks, i have just tested how much RAM i am using in far cry 3..

    using high details (not ultra), with AA off i am using ~1400 MB

    Im a bit worried that a newish game is very close to using 2GB..

    I have also read that the 7970 ghz can be overclocked even further (not to mention 3GB) and im starting to think this may be the better option
  3. I just tested mine at 1080p Ultra settings and 4x MSAA and got under 1200 so I'm not really seeing the problem on my end.

    The only game where I've run into 2GB VRAM limitation so far was Crysis 3 on Very High settings + Very High textures and this was in 2560x1440 with any above 2x anti-aliasing method.

    2GB is plenty of VRAM for 1080p gaming. Should you find yourself in a spot where you needed more than that, you'd need to tone down your settings anyway because your GPU could no longer cope with it anyway. So do yourself a favor; get the GTX 770, turn down your MSAA to 4x and stop fretting about the video memory limitations.
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