Hd 7770 GHz edition overheating?

Hello guys, i just got my new graphics card yesterday, the HD 7770 Ghx edition, and i was wondering if it was ok that it was getting over 50°C temperature (I think it is kinda high) while playing League of Legends, i had max settings and 1440x900 resolution.

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  1. I get about 45°C with mine in the Summer and it's 35°C which is the room temperature. So if you're in a hotter environment imo that's totally fine.
  2. See, It is not like CPUs. GPUs are made to withstand high amount of temperature they get with intense gaming.

    Actually in a GPU, mostly rated temperature is 100C and anything over 90C for prolonged periods can be a problem, otherwise upto 80C everything is perfectly normal. Don't worry, 50 is kind of nothing. :)

    I have HD 6850 1 GB and usually it stays at around 60C (Well, that is India, 45C real life ;)) and its no problem.

    Don't worry, you are too much caring for your little beast.
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