AMD Athlon x4 750k + sapphire HD 7790

So i just ordered my new pc :3 and just wanna know what do you ppl think about it.

Mobo:Fm2 ASrock FM2A55M-DGS
CPU:AMD Athlon x4 750k
Ram:DDR3 CSX 1333mhz 4GB Alpha C9
HDD:SATA2 Hitachi 500Gb/16mb/7200rpm
PSU:Fsp Hexa 400W

NOT GONNA OC!! The X4 740 and 750k was in same price so i did choose this.

this all for 460$ with shipping :3
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  1. Should be a good little budget gamer for the money. You should get good frame rates at 1080p with the HD 7790 if you don't try for ultra settings in the most graphically intensive games. If you game at 1600x900 or less, you can crank up the settings more.

    The FPS PSU is a decent budget unit. JonnyGuru gives it passing grades:

    I've never heard of CSX memory, so I can't comment on it. But always buy your memory in matched pairs if you are populating 2 slots, or sets of 4 if populating 4 slots. Dual channel requires the memory be identically matched for trouble-free operation.
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