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3GBs sata motherboard running 6GBs PCI sata card

Last response: in Motherboards
June 1, 2013 4:04:14 PM

Hello i have a 3gb sata motherboard and i want to to make the most out of my hybrid ssd so if i use a 6gbs PCI sata card would the motherboard read it at 6GBs not 3GBs?

June 2, 2013 4:31:24 AM

alexoiu said:
It depends on the bandwidth
SATA 3: 600MB/s
standard PCI: 133 or 266 MB/s
Then you have to see if the system does boot from a PCI SATA card.

thanks for the reply, what it sais on my motherbored box is that its PCI Express 2.0 and im not sure how to find bandwidth My motherboard is a Asus p8 H61-MX USB3 so if you have time maybe you could find out for me that would be much appreciated

also this is the sata card i plan to get:
a c 558 V Motherboard
June 2, 2013 11:06:43 AM

PCiex1 is 500 MB/s while SATA 2 is 300 MB/s so theoretically there would be an improvement if using one SATA port of the SATA card.
You can find here
some tests.
If you have the SSD connected to SATA 2, test it using the same program Crystal Disk Mark and compare the results. See if it is worth.