How about embedded PC specs in the OP details box?

Rather than having to drag out the PC specs for each Question, how about permanent fixed (embedded) text for the PC specs that the user can add?
Example -
Video card:
External Devices:
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  1. That would definitely be helpful, as long as the limit for each line isnt too short. I know I have seen some tech sites that have that option where the text limit for the external devices line is barely long enough for me to get my mouse and keyboard in, let alone headset or other stuff. Although I would add a "Displays" option to the list. Maybe have a button under the popup that says specs, and that either extends the popup to show the specs or links to a page where they are listed.

    As it is the standard "equipment" option really doesnt allow enough space, and a standardized form would be really nice.
  2. Line limitation is a problem, perhpas 2 lines for each option?
    The embedded text would only be for the opening details and not for each and every reply.
    For extra details, replies could ask for them.

    Not necessarily full brand/manufacturer/volume/serial number etc (but would be benefical) but just the bog standards would be better than none at all.

    I have seen user information in some threads that ask for the User country of origin, I don't think that is appropriate and could infer an invasion of privacy. I don't really want to know who lives where or what their personal preferences are for eating, socializing or where they shop online, I just want the hardware specs.
  3. There hasn't been that much of a demand for this, but it's something we'll definitely consider.
  4. I know that some members put their specs in their Signature, I got mine in the Computer Setup but I suppose the only way for them to show is to include them with Signature as the previous Forum build actually showed them alongisde the Signature.

    Sometimes it's not suited to a Question (or Discussiion) to have the specs so a check box might be appropriate to include the spec list.

    It will probably end up being a white elelphant option and users would rather have us drag the info out of them rather than including it in the opening details. Perhaps an inclusion to the list would be to add -
    DUST: None, some, much, clogged.
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