amd radeon hd 7970 or gtx 770

oke guys i am planning on building a new computer.
i do not know wich graphic card to choose
the sapphire dual-x hd 7970 oc

or a galaxy gtx 770

they are both great and good but some people say the gtx 770 is better some say the 7970 is better. maybe a hd 7870 in crossfire but there are some problems with crossfire.

i dont know man. please help

the rest of my build
i5 3570k
cm hyper 212 evo
Asrock z77 extreme 4
kingston hyperx ddr3 1600 8gb ram [4x2]
hd 7970 or gtx 770
seagate barracuda 1tb harddrive
samsung 120 gb ssd
corsair cx750w psu
lg dvd burner

please awnser.
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  1. The two are both pretty equal, the 770 just edging it, but really the difference isn't much. If you care about the games offered with the 7970 take that, if not, take the few extra % performance and get the 770.
  2. thanks man
    and is the rest of the build good?
  3. If you're only ever going to have 1 GPU, then I'd shoot for the 7970.

    If you're even thinking about Crossfire/SLI, then go with the 770.

    From a performance standpoint they are pretty even, with Nvidia beating out AMD in some games and vice versa in others. However, Nvidia is top in SLI scaling and stability, so if you're going to go with 2-3 GPUs, then go Nvidia, otherwise I'd snag the 7970.

    The rest of your build looks very good.
  4. Good, solid, well thought out build.
    Just one observation: If you like movies and your monitor is HDCP compatible you might want to consider a Blu-ray drive.
    The other guys have pretty much nailed the main question but one final point: The 7970 needs a powerful cooler to tame its heat output without being noisy, the 770 can run well enough on its reference cooler which is more compact and exhausts its heat out of the case.
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