GPU vs CPU - which deal would serve me better? Light gamer.


I'm a novice when it comes to computer software, but am in need of a new computer and can't afford to buy all the parts at the moment. At the moment I am considering either one of these computers:


Comparing GPU and CPU benchmarks, the 630$ is more balanced but the 650$ seems to have a significantly better CPU at the cost of the GPU. I am NOT a hardcore gamer, and only play games such as League of Legends, Minecraft, etc, but may be playing other kinds of games in the future.

Overall, I am looking into a computer that will last me a couple years plus or minus a few upgrades if need be. Thus, I was considering the 650$ (since GPUs seem more easily replaceable? Not sure) but would like some opinions. I'm unsure if the imbalance in CPU/GPU in the 650$ will give me problems. Aside from gaming, I don't think I do anything too extreme with my computer (I'm pretty studious, so the worse I can think of is a million Office programs, PDFs, Chrome, Skype, and my media player running simultaneously).

Any help is appreciated! :) Thank you!
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  1. The 630 one has an AMD Octa core processor where the intel one has only has quad core. Both have similar clock speeds, the amd would b slightly better for multi taking. The gpus wont make much of a difference for an entry level gamer but the 630 has a better one overall which means longer before needing replacement. I would recommend the 630 amd. It also has double the ram which means no need to upgrade that any time soon.
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