new motherboard/chip wont boot

Hi there I have just bought a new motherboard the ASextreme rock 6 and I installed my new i35770k intel chip into it and now my pc wont boot at all the fans spin and light up just no boot at all the cpu fan spins and it is plugged directly into the motherboard. Already sent the motherboard back due to bent cpu pins, however if I put my old motherboard in M477td pro my amd chip and everything works fine could it be due to not enough power?
My spec:(new)
Intel i5 35770k
AS extreme 6
EVGA 650 ti GeForce
550w PSU
4 fans excluding cpu fan plus a fan for my gfx card

just cant work it out.
many thanks Harry :)
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  1. You've got a new board back and still not POST-ing?
  2. alexoiu said:
    You've got a new board back and still not POST-ing?

    yeah mate I already sent the board back once got a brand new one back and still not booting the fans spin and light up nothing else happends
  3. Have you tried removing the EVGA and using the onboard graphics?
    Connect the monitor to the VGA or DVI-D port.
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