Computer is turning on and the off again every 5 seconds by itself with only the psu connected!? HELP!!

I've recently put a complete system, motherboard plus everything that was already on it like the RAM and a video/graphics card and the psu into a new case but the computer didn't start. I removed everything apart from one stick of ram and graphic card and bread boarded the system. All that happens is that the computer automatically switches on and off over and over again without any beeps, this happens with every combination between the ram/graphic card. I've been trying at this for weeks now and been through countless threads. Please help.

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  1. Is there any thing connecting the 2 pins that the power button connects to? I've had this happen in the past where I was putting a screw driver to make the power connection but never removed the screw driver from touching the pins only to find out that the circuit operates by briefly making a connection and then disengaging. If not, you end up hard-restarting over and over and over again.
  2. No it's literally only the two psu cables, (24 pin cable and 4 pin cable) and a stick of ram
  3. I still need help. Not got a computer until I figure this out :(
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