Which gaming headset?

So I've got a budget of around £70-£80 and I intend to order one of the following three headsets tomorrow.
I'll use it for:
Listening to music
Watching films
Gaming - League of Legends, Arma and Battlefield

The headsets I'm deciding between are;
Razer Blackshark Expert 2.0
Steelseries Siberia v2
Corsair Vengeance 1500

Any criticism, opinions, reviews on these headsets are greatly appreciated.

Thought I'd add; I have an Astro mix-amp so I could hook that up to any of the three that are compatible with it.
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  1. Is comfortability an important factor for you? For example do you have a big head or ears?

    I have the razer blackshark and its quite uncomfortable after a long gaming session, but I have big ears so...

    You can search for reviews of these headsets on google and I found a very useful website for headset comparisons here is the link. http://versusio.com/en

    If you want the astro mix amp I suggest just getting an astro headset as you will not utilize the full potential of that 129.99$ device.

    Do you want 7.1, 5.1 or stereo audio on your headset?

    There are many versions of the steelseries siberia v2, which one? The steelseries siberia v2 are famous for their lightweight design.

    Is the mic quality important for you?
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