Should I buy Haswell or save some cash and buy Ivybridge ?

So I'm building a new PC from scratch, no motherboard, no nothing my previous rig was an old laptop, therefore I'm wondering should I buy Ivybridge or Haswell ? I know that the performance isn't that different but since it's a new socket, I'm assuming that the next CPU's will support it as well, since "tik tok" cycle, also I'm spending most of my money on the GPU, but I'd like to save me a few bucks :)

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  1. If you're buying new, you might as well get Haswell too.
  2. price difference ~$30 on the cpu, $20 on equal motherboards, go for ivy.

    there is no confirmation that broadwell will be 1150.

    this slide sais 2013/2014 processors but doesn't specify "broadwell". most interpret this as being broadwell, but it could just be a 2014 haswell.

    other reports state broadwell is BGA only, meaning no socket.

    so with ivy your on the last cpu for the motherboard, for haswell, maybe, maybe not. don't let that be your deciding factor betting on broadwell.
  3. 1. Buy Ivy-Bridge
    2. Save cash
    3. Splurge MOAR on the GPU
    4. ????
    5. Profit.

    I have an Ivy-Bridge, which TDP at stock clock without turbo is 77W whereas the Haswell, ACCORDING TO THE INTEL SITE, has an 84W TDP. (I love my Ivy btw.) A buddy of mine have identical builds save the processor and MoBo, and his Haswell only JUST beats my ivy bridge out at the same clock speeds. Without benchmarking, you don't notice the difference, save the $50 from the newest shiny thing MoBo and Processor generations, and spend it on the GPU or towards overclocking cooling for the CPU.
  4. Ivy Bridge motherboards are going to be more stable than rev0 Haswell motherboards. That imo is the major reason to buy IB today. By fall, that reason will probably be gone.

    I noticed that with Asus motherboards, you get more features on Z87 than Z77 boards - like FanXpert2 is available on the $155 Z87 board, but requires the $185 board for Z77. That may be true with other manufacturers too. And of course you get things more SATA 6GB ports.

    i'd say keep an eye out for big sales on IB motherboards and CPUs, and wait for bios updates on Haswell boards.
  5. Thanks guys :) Then IB it is.
  6. No dont get IB seriously I hope you haven't I mean why buy 3rd gen when you can buy 4th gen?? And to save $50 seriously?? Get the Haswell it outperforms IB definitely worth the extra $50.
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