Antec Shows Off Enormous Nineteen Hundred Enclosure

Antec has revealed a new upcoming enclosure, the Nineteen Hundred.

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  1. Wow, and I thought carrying my full tower around each semester was a pain.
  2. Beautiful case. I love these super towers! Plenty of room for a large load of RAID setup
  3. certainly interesing, you can probably fit 2 480mmx120mm rads on the bottom, maybe another 360mmx120mm rad up at the top? and even after all that you'll have plenty of space left over for everything else lol.
  4. Quote:
    The super-tower case is a staggering two feet high

    I am not really impressed by that, honestly.
  5. Ludicrous Size NOW ;)
  6. I love my Antec 900 - 2, so i was curious when i saw the 1900 in the Tom's newsfeed. man is that stupid big. only possible use would be for something running with a 3 or 4 titan's in SLi, with a custom liquid cooling rig including the gpu cooling... multiple loops, resivours and psus for all the hardware.
    Toss in like a dozen hard-drives for a huge RAID 10 array and you've got that space filled up nicely. insane. what's the market for this?
    even then i think it's overkill
  7. Bucky likey!
  8. Can't wait to see some cool liquid cooled builds with this case! This, the 900D, and the cases from Case Labs are some really huge cases.
  9. This thing still can't support ASRock's 22 SSD array :(
  10. Now I'll get all the ladies.
  11. Talk about a cooling nightmare.
    If I was to design one of these, I would move the 3.5" bays to the rear to port thermals out the back and move the motherboard forward to port thermals out the top/side. The dual supplies would be in series across the bottom vented out the same side as the motherboard. The Antec 902 I thought was well designed but even it would not directly translate into something like this and retain its cooling characteristics. Heat is electronics greatest enemy next to water.
  12. Nah, ludicrously big is the rack Onyx I have in my garage...

    It's the tall black unit on the right. When Antec make a case that big,
    then I'll be impressed, hehe...

    I bought a HAF 932 for my 3930K, but even then it could do with
    being a bit taller. With the PSU at the top, there's almost no space
    between the PSU and the top of the mbd.

  13. To ludicrous size!
  14. I like Antec's cases... mostly their more reasonably sized, silent series. I've owned several, including a few different Sonata cases. I just bought a Solo II, those things are great. It's quiet, and just large enough to house a full ATX board and long graphics card. It could use a few minor upgrades though. Not sure if I'll need to do any modifications for this build, probably not. But I'd like to see them release a Solo III either way!
  15. What's the EXACT height? Seems to be a standard super-tower like the Xigmatek Elysium:
  16. The bigger the better?
  17. I could fill it. I'd love to mod one!
  18. Great case for a small part of the market segment.
  19. 2 on the way.
  20. skit75 said:
    Heat is electronics greatest enemy next to water.

    Empirical evidence seems to disagree - within reason.

    While it has been long believed that cooler temperatures around 20C range made electronics more reliable, field failure studies from Google and others have determined that failures are actually lowest across the 25-40C range and many new datacenters are being designed to leverage natural convection for primary cooling ("cool" air in from the floor below, hot air out the floor above) instead of heat exchangers/pumps to take advantage of that.
  21. Seem like a vertical server case, considering the storage capabilities and dual power supplies.
  22. That would make one nice media server.... There is a thought...
  23. slomo4sho said:
    This thing still can't support ASRock's 22 SSD array :(

    Actually, it very comfortably can do that when using 2.5" SSDs. Each 3.5" drive bay can hold 2 x 2.5" drives, while each 5.25" drive bay can hold 4 x 2.5" drives. With 2 x 2.5", 12 x 3.5" and 3 x 5.25" bays, that provides sufficient mounting space for 38 x 2.5" drives (SSDs or HDDs).
  24. The dual power supply setup is kinda intriguing. I wonder how much flexibility it would add to manufactures down the road for gaming systems. The last few years we have seen the trend of computers getting more "Power Efficient". Which makes since in a office environment and a typical home environment. I wonder what Intel and AMD could come up with if they knew power savings was not a concern and they had as much power as they needed.
  25. Quote:
    The answer is Antec's Nineteen Hundred. The super-tower case is a staggering two feet high

    Uhh, pretty sure most full tower cases are around 2 feet high...

    EDIT: Well, CLOSE to 2 feet.
  26. finally a case that's big enough
  27. Back in the day I had a case with space for 10 DVD CD drives and 5/6 hard drives.
    That was way before the net featured cowards, vast negativity and people slamming MS
  28. damianrobertjones said:
    Back in the day I had a case with space for 10 DVD CD drives and 5/6 hard drives.

    The only case I remember seeing with something like 10x 5.25" bays was an odd double-width contraption with double-sided motherboard tray to house two systems in one box. I don't think I have seen anything like that in over 10 years.
  29. dude, overcompensating?
  30. Does this case need its' own zoning variance to set up?
  31. On what planet is 24" high "ludicrously big"? My Cooler Master HAF is 22.70" x 9.00" x 21.50"
    Nothing to see here, move along.
  32. But will it hold a 4-socket AMD board? I rather doubt it.
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