apex phys x for mafia 2

Hey guys.. I started playing Mafia 2 again and i turned the Apex Physx on for the first time and it cut my fps almost in half. I was getting a constant 60 fps before.
Here is my info:
ASUS P8P67LE motherboard
8gb(2x4gb) DDR3 memory
I5-2500K cpu oc'ed to a little over 4.1 ghz
3tb Western Digital 7200 rpm hardrive
EVGA 4GB geforce 680 w/backplate
800 watt Silent Pro psu

Is the Apex physx really that demanding or is this signs of the video card going bad? As I said the fps were fine until i turned it on.
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  1. PhysX has a large impact, both to performance, but also to graphics quality.

    Here's a whole page of similar benchmarks showing the impact in performance:

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