Troubleshooting - New PC build (first timer) wont boot / no display - Asus p8zz7 i deluxe/wd

So This is my first build and I am a bit of a noob.
Yet I am convinced I did everything right. ugh


Asus P8Z77i Deluxe Wd
Intel i5 3570 K
Sapherire 3970
2 8gb ram muskin

So I installed all components and attached all wires but recieved no display. The cpu fan/case fans did run. But a steady red light of the DRAM led remained as soon as I powered on.

To troubleshoot I took the mobo out of the case and uninstalled all hardware except for the heatsink, and CPU. I then pluged the 24 pin connector and 8 pin cpu connector and powered on. The green light (standby power) led on board lights up. By shorting the power pins -( which I read you do when powering on minus a case) The cpu fans and case fans power on.

I have the display (hdmi and tried vga) to back iso ports on mobo to new monitor(which works with laptop so that cant be problem). Again the red DRAM light comes on and there is no display. The fans continue to run.

Not sure what is going on here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I have ordered a case speaker cable since the prodigy did not come with one to see if that helps and if I get beeps; will try that this weekend.

I double checked the cpu fitting and doesnt look like pins are bent and it is in properly. Same with the heatsink ( intel stock) .

I read perhaps the BIOS could be out of date but after looking at the asus support for cpu it says bios doesnt have to be flashed if version is after 0306 ; my motherboard says version 4.01 so I think I could be fine in that respect.

COuld my motherboard be defective? Should I RMA or wait for speaker cable test. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I hope I get this to work soon as I spent quite a lot of money. Could I have broke something :0 ??
Thanks so much
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  1. Can you borrow a different RAM module and test?
  2. alexoiu said:
    Can you borrow a different RAM module and test?

    I actually just bought two more ram sticks.

    One more quick question - Do you need to have ram in in order to produce any output on monitor?

    ie/ if there was no ram would an error message show on screen ? or just mobo led light?
  3. Without RAM, just mobo led light.
    With single RAM stick inserted, is it the same?
  4. alexoiu said:
    Without RAM, just mobo led light.
    With single RAM stick inserted, is it the same?

    Originally I had tried to boot with ram, gpu, and cpu. [2 sticks of ram 2*4gb) - however, i think my ram wasnt properly seated - i did not apply enough force . Upon powerup got the DRAM Light - solid red. I then stripped down system to just the Cpu and tried to boot again the DRAM light - solid red. I tried one stick of ram as well which this time Im certain was in correctly , same issue as above. I read something about memok - and that it worked for some people. When i get home I will try booting with 2 sticks using that feature.
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