(FS) 2x Evga GTX 560 Ti and Non-Ti | Asus M5A97 LE R2.0 | Will Negotiate!

Evga GTX 560 Non-Ti $125
Evga GTX 560 Ti $150
Both Cards for $250
Asus M5A97 LE R2.0 $80
Will not ship outside the u.s.
Buyer pays for shipping
These are old parts just laying around, don't need them and would like to get some money for them. All are working. The GTX 560 Ti does have aesthetic damage to a sticker though. Contact me through email at and we will deal through paypal.
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  1. Bump, anybody interested? Please buy these items, i would really like to sell them!:bounce:
  2. to help you out, GTX580 are only bringing $175shipped $225 for 3GB models on the used market.
    and even the new tech is inexpensive in the used market, since the 700-series release. i bought
    a GTX480 for $125shipped.. you do what you have to do, but the 560/ti just isn't "hot" to slam a
    lot of cash to purchase on smallish VRAM. i shutter that my 560ti HAWK is mine for awhile as there
    is no way i'd sell it for $100 as that seems to be the "going price".

    16 reads and no replies.. just trying to help..

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