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So I was going to buy a pc from UkGamingComputers or PcSpecialist but change my mind. So I need a build that goes no higher then the price above and maybe includes a operating system. I would be looking to run GW2, Battlefield and maybe Planetside 2. On high and nice fps ( but i would settle with medium ) I know about pcs a little bit as i researched and came from the xbox 360. So can you please link the best build for my budget. thanks
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  1. yeah just go here, the OS is pretty expensive but here is your build,

    that will give you good performance and will be able to easily run bf3(dont forget to overclock the gpu btw) and it is nearly exactly on your price point... dont forget that is measured in usd here a conversion

    anyways though that is much more powerful then you could ever get with a prebuilt computer for the same price, the only thing that is missing is a wireless internet card, a monitor, keyboard, and mouse... which you can buy if you need them. and if you do we can adjust your component to fit your price... but anyways here is a video to show you how the 7850 does with bf3(this is it overclocked to one ghz which is very easy to get)

    that is maxed out... enjoy! :D
  2. you did not mention whether you need monitor and all peripherals as well. it might completely change the form of the build. panicmaster assumed you don't need all these and provided u with build for around 850 dollars which (if my math is right) is a bit more than £550 which u re looking at but still fine.
    so first of all - does ur budget cover peripherals?
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