Top Gear UK and Honda Build Scariest Lawn Mower Ever

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  1. But how do I get one!?! Love the show, but as a wheelchair user, this is a lawnmower I NEED!
  2. I can't wait for the new series to start this summer. Thanks for posting :)
  3. I love top gear UK! but how is this relevant on a computer hardware site? Guess the staff at Toms Hardware must be fans of the show as well! Props to that! ;)
  4. Place it on its side, change the blade, and make it into a hovercraft?
  5. Given that TV here is full of cookery programmes, soaps, reality TV nonsense
    and boring dramas, Top Gear keeps me sane. 8) Well, reasonably... muahahaha...
    Atm TG & BBT are the only shows worth watching. Why do I bother with cable??
    Looking forward to the lawnmower prog, not seen that one yet.
  6. Best show on television anywhere.
  7. One of the best shows on TV and I say that as an American. I watch American Top Gear just because I like the cars but the UK show is brilliant comedy. I just wish the new seasons or series as they call them were not so short.
  8. on related news, husband all over the world suddenly love mowing their lawn
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