On Startup Sometimes Screen Goes Black / Flashing Pixel Colours

Hey all, I have a strange problem that I have been running into lately. I am running an Asus P6T motherboard with an Nvidia GTX 280. I had the Motherboard overclocked for about a year and this issue started happening so I thought maybe it was time for a new reformat and fresh Windows install (I removed the overclock prior and I am now running stock) but I am still getting the issue:

Upon starting up the computer, sometimes it will start fine and I see the Windows logo etc but upon getting to the desktop, the screen goes black and I see green / pink pixels sort of flickering. The computer freezes up and I cannot hit the numlock on my keyboard etc and have to hold the PC power button down to shut it down. The monitor turns off shortly after this occurring and displays a "No Signal" message.

This only happens some of the time and the rest it works fine. I have also had this occur when I am bringing the computer out of standby mode.

The computer never does this when I am using it, only sometimes when I turn it on and sometimes when it comes out of standby. Other times it works as normal.

Is this a sign of the video card slowly giving out perhaps?

Thank you
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  1. Would appreciate any advice if somebody has some. I'm assuming I need to purchase another videocard?

    It will occur and then I will hard shutdown my computer, restart it and it will boot normally.
  2. Still looking for some help. Thank you
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