Gigabyte to Bundle WindForce 450W on Select GTX Titans

Gigabyte’s GV-NTITAN-6GDB bundle will include the company’s WindForce 450 W coolers as a DIY upgrade with select batches of reference design GTX Titans.

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  1. LOL, BRILLIANT strategy. tho the reference cooler is still better looking.
    however, if the bundle package means that I DON'T void the warranty by taking the reference cooler off, this would be awesome for people with custom water loops and whatnot
  2. I really do not understand why Nvidia is so restrictive on some things like making all of the Titan GPU's have the same exact cooler seems silly and petty. Not that I would ever spend the kind of money it would take to buy a Titan in the first place it is just way way to much money for a single card at least for me.
  3. The major benefit in the 3rd party cooler on the titans is the price savings; Which is lost if they are selling 2x coolers with each unit. I guess titan customers don't care about savings though. I'll shut up now.
  4. why is Nvidia so restrictive on what OEM can do with GTX Titan?
    they can't put the GPU on anything else except Nvidia's reference PCB AND cooler...
    I'm sure other companies know how to make GPU cards that works with the Titan's GPU...
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