Upgrading from Radeon HD 4870 X2 to eVGA GForce GTX670 FTW Power Supply Questions

Ok as you can see I am planning on upgrading my video card. Looking to better understand the GTX670 power requirements. It says it requires 30A on the 12V rail. I need to understand if it required a total of 30A for both supply lines or more like 15A per connector.

Here is the reason. My current 700W supply has 5 - 12 outputs each rated to 18A. If I need 30A on each 6 pin connector on the video card I will have to see if I can parallel up to see if can double the current. That will depend on the how many transformers I have.

Anyway if the spec really is 15A per connector and 30A per the 12V main my 18A outputs can simply be plugged in with no concern.

So what I am asking is can I supply the 670 with two 12V sources rated at 18A each?

Thanks.....my first post here........
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  1. Ok here's the poop for those that may need similar information. I assumed this but verified with technical support at eVGA today. The power supply spec of 30A on the 12V rail is split for each 6 pin PCI-E connector.

    Therefore you need only 15A from each side of the card making my 18A sources capable of sourcing.

    Funny my first post and I have to answer it myself.......
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