Fractal Design Define R4 or Silverstone Raven RV03?

Should I choose the fractal design here for $119:

Or the Silverstone Raven RV03 here for $160:

I love how both of these cases look, but which one offers better cooling and which one would you guys choose for your builds?
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  1. Tough decision, they're both excellent choices, you can't go wrong either way. I have a Silverstone HTPC case and they're very well built units. If that sways the opinion.
  2. I'm actually swayed towards the Rv02 now. It has the capability to house a 360mm rad on the bottom which neither the rv03 or the fractal can do. Will most likely go with that since it looks nice without watercooling, and whenever I choose to transition, I can easily install it.
  3. You'll have to think about how much of your system is going to be cooled by that rad and how much by air. The rv03 is great at air cooling, probably the best case in the world at air without excessive noise as the moving of the PSU to the top rear (facing up) means that you can draw in air from underneath the case and (aided by convection and rising heat) expel it out of the top along the entire length of the unit.

    As for water cooling though, the Ravens won't help you very much there. I personally would go for a R4 or XL if I was going to watercool as you will be able to fit more rads in (240mm front w/o cages, 120 rear, 240 top and apparently 120 bottom for r4, 240 front, 360 top, 240 on the door and 280 rear for the XL).

    Ravens were designed to be naturally passively cooling by taking advantage of heat convection.
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